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Fortress10 RV Lap Sealent Roof Caulk Repair Kit.jpg
The only RV roof caulk with a 10-year warranty.
Fortress10 was created to eliminate the need to apply caulk around your RV roof penetrations year after year.
Fortress10 is Kevlar™ infused, which makes it the toughest RV roof caulk on the market today.

Will never crack or peel.

Will expand to over 350% so when your RV moves, Fortress 10 moves with it.

When applied correctly you will have leak free penetrations.

Eliminates re-caulking the seams.

Will not oxidize.

Has a high UV rating, so the sun is a non-issue.

Withstands the most constant severe sun and frigid cold -40 degree sub zero temperatures.

Has the highest UL 790 Class "A" Fire Rating available.

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Before & After
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Fortress 10 RV Roof Caulk Lap Sealant Repair Kit.jpg
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